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We provide a comprehensive wealth advisory services to individuals, families, business owners and corporations. Backed by the strength, expertise and knowledge of Canaccord Genuity, we have access to an extensive range of solutions to support and help you reach your financial objectives.

We will take the time to understand all your financial needs. By building a trusted relationship you can count on, we can provide wealth advice and solutions to help you achieve objectives that are specific to you and your family, lifestyle, career and future goals. With a solid understanding of your financial priorities, we can provide you with comprehensive solutions that help set you up for long-term success and help you achieve your goals. 

Whether it is to help our clients prepare for their children’s university education, a trip around the world, transition into retirement or helping business owners prepare for the succession of their business, we are honoured to guide our clients every step of the way. Managing your wealth requires a balance between meeting today’s financial needs and preparing for the future. Working closely together, we can dive into your evolving life and explore how you can effectively build and manage your wealth for the long term. 

Beyond investment management, we will provide you with the high level of client service and informed advice that you expect from a boutique wealth management firm, to help you navigate the complexities of your finances and choose the best options for you.


Protecting Our Seniors

You are either a Senior, have a Senior as a Parent / Grandparent or know a Senior. This article gives you practical tips to make sure you or someone close to you does not get taken advantage of online!! 

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Covid-19 has shaken our confidence in the markets, Call me to see if you are still on track to reach your financial goals and objectives.


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