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Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

"Although we were deeply committed to our previous financial advisor, regretfully we did not understand the markets and how to secure our financial future. Our portfolios languished in diversity and opportunity until Bob brought new insights. Bob provided us with a level of education on different investment options and helped us craft portfolios that achieve our financial goals and investment decisions. Bob keeps us informed regularly and assists in altering investments with confidence. Emotional reactions to market changes are effectively managed. He evaluates potential prospects allowing us to respond quickly to opportunities. Adjustments in our portfolios fit in line with changes in the market.

With experience and expertise, Bob continues to manage our finances. He is realistic in his insights and ensures that we are engaged, encouraged and active with a personalized professional service. His superior organization and focus contributes to excellence in his endeavours. Bob outperforms our previous advisors. He has demonstrated that he can 'alter attitudes'. We are confident in recommending him."

- Doug and Janis Apted - Clients for 9 years


"Robert Greben is an excellent listener and invests according to my financial needs. He is extremely knowledgeable at his profession. He has been my financial advisor for 25 years because he provides exceptional service in providing a portfolio that meets my expectations, answers all of my questions and he makes sure I am comfortable with the decisions we make. He always keeps me informed and he is accessible at all times. I couldn’t be happier with his performance and would recommend him to anyone looking for an advisor that will provide a portfolio meeting their investment needs."

- Pauline P. - Client for 25 years

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